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Qantm AI


AI Strategy Advisory for corporations and governments using a human-centric approach. We offer Deal Advisory for Private Equity and Venture Capital, evaluating AI potential. 

Independent Provider

Ai Strategy and Software Solutions.

As an independent provider of cloud and software solutions we are vendor agnostic and work to select the correct tool that leads to the highest return on investment for the specific outcome. 

In addition to our US business, we act as a mainland distributor for these software and services by writing and holding contracts for off-shore providers in the UAE.

AI Strategy Advisory

Qantm AI provides guidance and expertise using our innovative value-based, human-centered approach pioneered by our Founder, Dr. Seth Dobrin. The engagement output will be a portfolio of decisions ripe for AI, a set of value-based KPIs to measure success, Capacity building, employee enablement, and organizational structure.

Generative AI Software Solutions

Through trusted third-party relationships create custom, enterprise ready applications using generative AI. Our partners have off the shelf and custom solutions available to address existing core issues such as content management, regulatory and policy consistency and alignment, bespoke company and domain-specific generative AI knowledge models, and others.

Entry into Gulf-State Markets

Entering and navigating the Middle Eastern markets can be challenging. Through our experience working in this market we can help you enter the local market, provide guidance on strategy, and provide a vehicle to contract with local (mainland) entities at a reasonable cost

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Our Founder and CEO, Dr. Seth Dobrin, will bear his deep expertise and experience in AI and Generative AI to provide advice on both the scale of ‘real’ AI in potential investments and the opportunity to reshape the investment using AI.

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