QantmAI is a software and infrastructure reseller in underserved markets bolstered by the global eminence of the founder, Seth Dobrin, in the data and AI business community.

Some markets require special corporate structures to facilitate transactions; therefore multinational corporations are unable to establish the appropriate company residency to sell directly.

Leveraging long standing relationships, Qantm AI has established a wholly-owned ‘mainland’ company with the legal ability to be the distributor for multinational companies that has no affiliation or association with a government entity.

Our areas of expertise encompasses a wide spectrum of technology solutions including Data and AI Governance, Business Process Automation, Security, Compliance as well as Environmental and Social Responsibility Solutions.

Our Approach

Our approach is derived from the first hand experience of our founder who has transformed two Fortune 500 companies as well as guiding more than 100 of the world’s largest companies on their digital transformation journey. This approach is outcome-based and human-centered and begins with establishing a technology strategy that is directly derived from the corporate strategy meeting you where you are in your technological maturity. This is then followed by creation of a roadmap for the implementation of this strategy and then focused on the engineering of the solutions with rapid innovation cycles showing measurable value every six weeks.