We work with vendors such as IBM, Microsoft, AWS and others to select the right solution for your outcome and your environment.

Independent provider of cloud and software solution

As an independent provider of cloud and software solutions we are vendor agnostic and work to select the correct tool that leads to the highest return on investment for the specific outcome. 

Additionally, we act as a mainland distributor for these software and services by writing and holding contracts for off-shore providers in the UAE and Qatar.

Data and AI Governance

We bring more than two decades of experience in modern solutions leveraging machine learning to drive real business outcomes. We also bring a decade of experience executing these in modern cloud-based containerization of data and AI solutions. Our human-centered approach focused on providing governed data and AI outcomes rooted in real business value – cost savings or new revenues. With privacy, trust and security designed from the beginning to give regulators, senior leaders and customers confidence and peace of mind in your systems.

Business Automation

Data and AI solutions are cool and interesting, but these return little to no value if they are not integrated into applications, workflows and processes that lead to action. These actions should make a human’s life better, cheaper or faster. Through our human-centered approach, we provide an understanding of the outcomes that drive better customer (or employee) experiences leading to better engagement and more value for your organization. These are rooted in value-based metrics such as cost saving, new revenue, increased customer retention and increase in customer lifetime value as a few examples.

Security and Compliance

In todays world customers demand assurance that their personal information is kept private and secure. This has led to global regulations around data privacy and protection and future regulations about the responsible use of AI. Through our years of experience directly involved in complying with data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA and our leadership in helping companies prepare for upcoming AI regulations such as the EU AI Act, we are uniquely positioned to integrate the correct security and compliance solutions that enable greater innovation in your organizations as opposed to governance that stifles innovation.

Environmental and Social Responsibility Solutions

Ensuring that your organization is meeting its environmental and social ESG goals is integrated into our approach. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) programs need to be more than just your environmental footprint, social good activities and proper Governance, it also needs to include diversity and the responsible use of technology. That’s why we think of ESG as Environmental and Social responsibility (ESR). However, to do this correctly you need a platform that provides not only metrics, but also ways to take action on the entirety of your organization. This means your ESR solutions need to be built on a data platform, leverage AI, driven by automation and be secure at its core.
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